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A Bestie Book for Busy & Overwhelmed Moms

Almost every single day can be a struggle for moms trying to balance home life, work life, and personal life. You may often find it hard to prioritize yourself and your needs.

Want to break free from the overwhelm and exhaustion and feel in control of your life and your happiness?

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the book…
 Uncover the surprisingly simple habits that bring true happiness and fulfillment to mothers with our "Balanced Life Journey" Framework.
 Create the perfect day for your family and finally achieve the balance between work, family, and personal time that lead to true joy.
 End the cycle of "Mom Guilt" with easy-to-follow daily habits like gratitude, exercise, and nurturing relationships.
 How to step outside your comfort zone and explore possibilities you never thought of before to uncover the hidden passions that can bring true happiness.
 Unlock your happiness and fulfillment with our "Mom's Toolkit for Joy", featuring 14 life-changing activities, 12 reflective questions, and 10 most inspiring quotes (We also included our most recommended books, playlists, movies, and podcasts for moms to bring a whole new level of joy to your life!)
 Put the principles you've learned into practice and ignite passions in order to craft the story of your life and achieve true, lasting joy and success.​​
This handbook will help you develop a personalized approach to achieving your goals and transforming your life, from strategies and tools for adding more joy and fulfillment to your daily life to guides for starting a business you love.

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Meet the Authors…

Megan and Erik Hammond are a family-focused coaching duo who have a passion for helping families, specifically, moms take control of their lives, have the courage to change, become their best selves, and pursue their dreams.
Their unique experiences and perspectives in building multiple successful businesses over the past 14 years along with homeschooling their three girls for the past 4 years have enabled them to help a number of friends and family members start and grow successful businesses while maintaining a harmonious family life.
Together, they wrote “The Happy Mom Handbook” to help moms create the happiness and success in life that they deserve. With straightforward advice, real-life examples, and easy-to-follow tips, this book serves as a comprehensive guide for moms to develop a plan to make their dreams a reality.

Our Newly Released Happy Mom Handbook is For Any Mom Who Wants a Balanced Life and to Feel More Fulfilled

With The Happy Mom Handbook, you’ll discover the secrets to balancing your career and family, while also taking care of yourself.
You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness and health to be a successful mom.
Get your FREE copy of the Happy Mom Handbook and say goodbye to the old habits of burning the midnight oil, trying to do it all, and putting yourself last, and say hello to a new way of living—one that empowers you and creates a better life for YOU and the whole family. 

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